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Red Swan Counseling Center

Marriage and Family Christian Counselor – Belief Therapist

Red swan counseling center is a faith based organization with the concepts of belief therapy. Faith based therapeutic treatment will be used as part of the treatment process for people suffering from low self-esteem emotional abuse, Physical abuse and sexual abuse.

What’s belief Therapy? Belief therapy is the faith based lie versus truth counseling process it is based on the premise that people do what they do because they believe what they believe. This therapy we say that the source of our emotional, difficulties they are the result. In conclusion this therapy teaches us to feel the way we think and we think the way we believe. It is the matter of biblical truth that beliefs are the primary source of our attitudes, responses, feelings and actions if people believe lies the lies will produce problematic thinking that will produce godless behavior.


Personal statement:

I am divinely directed to Red Swan Counseling Center to help you achieve mental, emotional, spiritual, social and moral wholeness, enrichment and empowerment. My goal is with the Red Sawn Counseling Center is to extend open wings that will help you soar above your highest dream or expectations, leaving behind a passed of adversity looking forward to the future pressing on to achieve the highest quality of life as well as empowerment .I feel this program will provide skills to master and overcome the wounds of low self-esteem emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. I believe you can be empowered there is hope and you can have a life full of quality.


Doors of Forgiveness

Throughout our lives we all have experience situations that have caused us to be wounded emotionally one way or another. Unfortunately because of this there are wounds left in our hearts, minds, and in our spirits. Throughout the series doors to forgiveness the Holy Spirit will place keys in our hands to open those doors that we need to heal.


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